Homeowner's Insurance

Alliance can provide you with insurance for your home, villa, or apartments. Our rates are competitive and our Companies are first class - Gulf Insurance, Island Heritage and the renowned Lloyd's. The coverages include your building, your contents, and public liability. Our package offers you coverage for earthquakes, hurricanes, flood, fire and theft. Our policies also provide coverage in the event of you being liable for an injury occuring on your property, as well as potential damage. We also protect the interest of a mortgagor.

We can also provide you with an insurance quote, once you provide us with the value/appraisal of the property, excluding the cost of land. You may give us a call at (264) 498 7788 or email at info@aisanguilla.com

Contractor's All Risks

Contractor's All Risks (CAR) coverage is provided during the construction phase of your new property. The coverage includes damage by hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, fire and special perils. In addition the CAR covers you for Public Liability on your building site.

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